A Guide to Using Sterling Silver Jewelry

 A strong, luxurious, hypo-allergenic; the perfect mix of almost 100% pure silver, sterling silver is the perfect, durable, and practically inexpensive piece that you can add to your everyday routine. You see it every day and may not take much notice. Regardless of your budget, you can find a sterling silver piece of jewelry that will add to your unique beauty.

 Here are five things you need to know about sterling silver jewelry:

  1. You don’t necessarily need to ever take it off.

Unlike other metals, sterling silver can be worn 24/7. Odds are you have one friend who has never taken off that cute toe ring or always wears their favorite chain around her neck. Most people who normally have allergic reactions to metal jewelry, especially when it comes in contact with moisture, don’t react to sterling silver (it’s the reason why many piercing businesses use sterling silver in their work).

  1. When you do take it off, there’s a way to keep it from tarnishing.

Sterling silver, when not being worn, needs to be stored in a dry cool place with no moisture. That means, stay away from forgetting them beside the bathroom sink before taking a shower. When the copper in the silver comes in contact with humidity, pollution, and chemicals, it can cause the silver to tarnish. Although the moisture may cause the sterling silver to tarnish a bit, there are easy methods to bring back that shine.

  1. Sterling Silver is one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to bring back to life.

Other jewelry may require products such as vinegar as part of their cleaning routine, but for sterling silver, it actually can destroy the shine of the metal and promote quick tarnishment. Instead, when cleaning your silver, and if there is no stone, immerse in water with a small amount of mild soap. If your jewelry has gemstones, only use mild soap and a cotton swab to clean the silver only.

  1. When storing your sterling silver jewelry.

When you’re not wearing your favorite sterling silver, you should make sure it stays dry. Many professional jewelers advise to keep your silver with anti-varnish pads in a sealed, airtight Ziploc bag. You don’t necessarily need to follow strict rules as your silver will hold its shine if taken care of properly.  If you’re not planning on wearing the jewelry, such as saving it for future generations etc., then we do suggest storing more carefully. 

  1. The best way to save your sterling silver pieces.

Remember, just like other fine jewelry, the best way to ensure your sterling silver earrings, rings or necklace lasts for generations is to wear it! There’s always an occasion to wear sterling silver. If you add a few other pieces, such as pearls and gemstones, you’ll never get bored of the same chains.

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