5 Gift Ideas For New Moms

Being a mom has its challenges, but being a new mom can be even more complicated. However, it is very special to welcome new addition to your family. Remember, one of the best things you can give is your time, help, and attention. New moms are usually more tired, so giving them your time and attention will help them feel supported and loved.
But if you are looking for a great gift idea, then look no further; jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone. Imagine every time they look at the piece of jewelry you gave them. They will remember all the good memories associated with it.
The ideal holiday gift for a new mom is a piece that she can treasure forever and maybe one day pass it down to her children. One of the first things you should consider is what jewelry does she usually wear. Is it yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold? If you are not sure, that’s ok; mixing metals is still on-trend, so she would be able to mix it perfectly with her current collection.

1. An Engravable necklace made with real 14k solid gold is the perfect gift for a new mom. Necklaces, in general, are the ideal gift because you don’t need to worry about the sizing. Choose any letter that you think would have the most meaning to her. You can engrave the baby’s name, which she can wear every day. Trust us, she will love it and treasure it forever!

Here are some Engravable Necklace ideas to choose from:
The 14k Gold Initial Letter Charm Necklace is perfect for the mom who likes a minimalistic look. It is only under $300.
For the mom that likes a little sparkle, our 14k Diamond Initial Necklace is the perfect dainty piece of jewelry for a new mom.
This next necklace will become a family heirloom. Beautifully crafted, the 14k Engravable Diamond Necklace is definitely more of a statement piece and will be treasured for years to come.
2. Gold stud diamond earrings are also a perfect gift for a new mum. They are super dainty but give out a lot of sparkles, so they are perfect for everyday wear and don’t require a lot of effort. Which is the ideal gift for busy moms.
3. Also, our Diamond Initial 14k Gold Earring is an excellent idea for a gift. Pick the letter that you think the mom will love, or choose two different ones. Or if she has more than one child, you can pick two earrings with different letters. 
4. If you are a husband or a wife and close to the new mom, you probably already know her ring size. Our collection of gold stackable rings is perfect to choose from for a gift.
This 14k Lean On Diamond Ring is a perfect reminder that she will always have someone in her life to lean on. Is she obsessed with rose gold? This Rose Gold Baguette Diamond Ring is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely bring a sparkle to her eyes. 
5. Last but not least – Eternity Rings. Eternity rings have always been a symbol of eternal love and are a perfect gift. Browse our collection of Diamond Eternity Rings and pick the one that stands out to you the most.

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