Luxury Gift Ideas Under $300

We know you have someone special in your life that you would like to treat with a gift or commemorate a particular moment. Sometimes, finding a gift that is good quality and can last for years can be hard to find. Fine jewelry is designed to last because it’s made of real solid gold and other precious materials. They represent a certain level of luxury and excellent quality.

We have collected our favorite pieces of jewelry for you that will not break the bank and help you express your feelings in the best way possible.

When it comes to picking up a gift such as jewelry, think about who will you be gifting this jewelry to. Is it for your significant other, your sister, or your mom? Then try to remember what type of jewelry they usually wear. Some people prefer white gold vs. yellow gold, and some people love rose gold jewelry. If you can remember what color they typically wear, it will be easier to narrow down your choice.

If it’s someone not very close to you or you are trying to surprise them, try to stay away from gifting a ring unless you can get their exact size. One of the ways is to try their ring when they are not around on your finger and see which finger it will fit. Then go to your local jewelry and get the exact size, or take a look at our ring size guide here.

jewelry gift ideas - yarema jewelry

Earrings are the perfect gift. They are versatile, and the receiver of your gift will enjoy them daily. For example, these beautiful Diamond Star-Shaped Earrings are ideal for formal events as well as for everyday wear. The brilliant white diamonds easily catch the light to create sparkle, shine, and elegance.

jewelry gift ideas - yarema jewelry

Gifting a unique jewelry piece with intention will mean a lot to a person you are giving it to. This Interlocking Circle Necklace is perfect for commemorating a special memory or occasion in your life. Remember to tell them what it means to you. Maybe it’s the start of a new relationship or celebrating something that has lasted for years. Create your own story and keep it forever.

jewelry gift ideas - yarema jewelry

Everyone loves personalized jewelry. Especially when it’s done with diamonds. This single Diamond Initial Earring is a perfect gift for a sister or a friend. 

jewelry gift ideas - yarema jewelry

As a bonus, all of Yarema Jewelry is ethically sourced and made with remarkable attention to details and quality materials. You will be giving a gift that it keeps on giving. So go ahead, create some precious moments with people you love and care about. We will always be there for you.

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