Jewelry Trends to Wear in 2019

The spring is almost around the corner and we are all excited about updating our wardrobes and probably adding some new jewelry pieces.  When it comes to jewelry, I personally, like to buy jewelry that I could wear every day. I wear my favorite pieces to school, work and sometimes even to my spin class. Most of my pieces are made of solid gold, so they are ok to wear even in the shower. However, if you are wearing something made of fragile gemstones, pearls, sterling silver or gold plated, I would highly recommend removing it before going to a gym or when in contact with water. They are gentler so they need a little bit more care.


If you like to follow fashion trends, you might already know that the color of the year 2019 – is Living Coral. It was announced by the most prestigious Pantone Institute that sets the trends for fashion companies all over the world. The good news is that Living Coral will suit everyone’s skin tone. Therefore, you can implement in your wardrobe without any hesitation. It’s refreshing and is pleasant to the eyes. Just make sure it’s the right shade of coral for you.

 Jewelry Trend 2019 - YAREMA JEWELRY


If you ever found it hard to layer jewelry or don’t know how to do it “properly”, you will love this new layering trend. The best part about it is that there are no rules to layering. You can mix and match different metals. You can layer necklaces, rings bracelets and even earrings. Use it to your advantage and layer how you like it. Just one hack to keep in mind, layering rings from one line will make your hands looks super stylish. Professionally chosen colors by designers will never interfere and look stylish.

 Gold Necklaces

Colors and Crystals

2019 is the year of shining. Different color precious gemstones, cubic zirconia, diamonds – will all make you shine. You can mix and match and have fun with it. If you are someone who doesn’t shy away from over the top pieces – Dripping Crystal jewelry will add something a little extra to your outfit. 

 Yarema Jewelry - crystal jewelry

Modern Pearls

I absolutely love pearl jewelry and I’m so excited that pearls are coming back. Traditionally, pearls have been a symbol of elegance and beauty, but the modern take on pearl jewelry is what everyone is excited about. The new designs are sexy and stylish and will elevate your look instantly.

 Modern Pearl Jewelry


 Huggie Earrings

You remember I talked about loving jewelry that I could wear every day. Here they are, the huggie style earrings are my favorite. They come in different styles and sizes and they are here to stay.






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