3 Things To Consider When Giving a Jewelry Piece to Someone.

We receive a lot of questions from people on how to make the special moment of gift-giving unforgettable and something you will remember with a smile on your face.
So, what are the 3 things you can do to make this moment even more special?

Choose the right time and place.

In most cases, you will be gifting someone a jewelry for a special occasion and therefore you may not be in control of the place and the location. In these cases, make sure you have the timetable of the event and can plan for the perfect moment.
But, if you are in control, make sure you reserved the table a few weeks in advance and that you have the event planed out. How will you get there? When will you give the gift?‌ Before the meal or after? Will you help them put in on? How?


Say what he/she means to you.

Behind every material thing you give to someone should be a clear message. You are not giving valuable pieces of jewelry every day, so be clear on what you want to communicate with it.
A good way to do it is to write a letter that you will give to your special person along with the jewelry piece. It can be a short note or a longer letter where you will say what is on your heart and mind.


Enjoy the moment.

The atmosphere is so important when giving gifts. We are sure you will be excited to see their reaction and therefore maybe a little bit nervous. Try to be cool and relaxed, this is a moment of great joy and happiness you should completely enjoy. Be present as much as possible.

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