We are a woman-owned luxury jewelry brand based in Boston, MA. At YAREMA Jewelry, we believe in crafting and surrounding ourselves with timeless pieces, things we love, spark joy, and using them for years to come. That's why we create delicate, luxurious jewelry intricately crafted with love and real gold. 


A Note From the Founder

Hello beautiful,

My name is Iryna, founder of YAREMA JEWELRY, and I’d love to share my story with you.

Before I set out to create the jewelry brand you see today, I began working while attending university in Boston, eventually continuing my career with a handful of companies. Though I loved learning new things, reading, and taking it all in, I felt my creative spirit was stifled. I was craving something more.

It wasn’t until my way home from work one day, I noticed I lost my mother’s ring she passed down to me when I was 16-years-old. A ring she received from her mother when I was young — a tradition I planned to continue. The ring was so special to me, especially since my mom lives in Ukraine, so I was devastated I lost something that made me feel connected to her.

It was at that moment I was reminded how jewelry can mean so much more. The memories and emotional connection with our treasured pieces are priceless and irreplaceable. It was then I decided to create my own jewelry brand in my mothers’ name, and YAREMA JEWELRY was born.

I hope you find a piece that speaks to your soul and carry it with you for years to come.

With love,




We believe in crafting jewelry that creates a positive impact on the individual and beyond. So it’s important we maintain lasting environmental consciousness and fair trade awareness. That’s why we only partner with manufacturers and suppliers with strong commitments to ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices.

We ensure all of our fine jewelry uses ethically-sourced materials for both lab-crafted and mined gemstones and diamonds. By taking this stance with ethical sourcing at every facet of the process, we believe we can truly make a difference in the future of jewelry.