In 2018, Iryna the founder of YAREMA, lost her mother’s beautiful gold ring, which had been passed down in her family for generations. Iryna loved wearing the ring since it reflected back her heritage but she couldn’t bear to tell her mom that she had lost it, so she decided to find ways of recreating it. Through that process, Iryna discovered her passion for jewelry and how so much can be reflected in one single piece. Family, memories, beauty, and so many sentiments can all be carried with you in a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Iryna wanted to honor her mother and her Ukrainian family's legacy, so she founded YAREMA, a jewelry company named after her mom's last name. It would become a way to reflect back into the world the value she had for her heritage.

Since then, YAREMA JEWELRY has evolved into a distinctive fine jewelry brand offering modern jewelry designs that are effortless to wear but still luxurious in their quality. Our goal became to create pieces that allow others to reflect their own light through jewelry.

YAREMA also reflects light back into the world. YAREMA is committed to supporting needs in Ukraine due to the war that started in March 2022 by offering donations whenever possible. If you're interested in also reflecting light, please consider donating to https://www.sunflowerofpeace.com or help us support them through your purchase at YAREMA JEWELRY.


We believe in crafting jewelry that creates a positive impact on the individual and beyond. So it’s important we maintain lasting environmental consciousness and fair trade awareness. That’s why we only partner with manufacturers and suppliers with strong commitments to ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices.

We ensure that all of our vendors use ethically-sourced materials for both lab-crafted and mined gemstones and diamonds. By taking this stance with ethical sourcing at every facet of the process, we believe we can truly make a difference in the future of jewelry.