Three Ways To Improve Your Charisma

You probably know someone in your life that is very likable. They are reasonably successful, and it seems like there is always something to talk about with that person. You feel great after talking to them and energized by their positivity. 

It is not their looks that make them attractive, it's their charisma. Charismatic people usually get ahead easier in life, they are more likely to get promoted and to receive what they are asking for. Also, more charismatic women typically seem to attract more attention from the opposite sex.

It is for you to decide why you want to be more charismatic. However, we believe charisma is one of the most valuable elements of everything related to personality and social relationships. Research has shown that we can learn how to be more charismatic. So let's talk about three ways we can improve it. 


According to Psychology Today, about 50% of our confidence is genetic. However, you can work on another 50% and improve your overall self-confidence. 

You know that no one will ever listen to a person they can barely hear, someone who continually doubts themselves, and does not know what they want. Therefore, you should not be afraid to show your character, make arguments in your favor, or even stand out from the crowd.

Confident people show confidence in everything they do, how they walk, how they stand - the overall body language. Your confidence should be embedded in everything - clothing, your accessories, the type of jewelry you wear, your demeanor, your work, and communication. But by no means cross the line between confidence and arrogance. Do not let emotions take hold of you; instead, control the situation.

Confident people are friendly, and they are easy to talk to. They pay attention to the person they are talking to as much as possible. Making them feel like this dialogue is the most important for them right now, establishing strong emotional contact. Who doesn't want to feel special?

For you to gain the affection of others, there is not much you have to do - just be yourself. And no, it's not selfish.

Eye Contact

We all know by now that we need to make eye contact when we talk to people to build trust. It is the backbone of non-verbal communication, the foundation from which everything is built. However, it can be hard to continually look at someone's eyes. So do not obsess with just looking into people's eyes because it will only make you nervous. 

It is better to limit yourself by trying not to look at the floor, the person's chest, or the sides. Thus, naturally, you will both eventually make an eye contact unconsciously without even noticing.

Nurture your inner world

Why is it easy to talk to charismatic people? It is not because they are super smart, it's because they are usually well-read people. They are curious about many things and always learning something new. 

You should always keep a few topics in stock that can be discussed with different types of people. Everyone has moments when they don't know how to start a conversation, even charismatic people.

To improve charisma, it is essential to develop a philosophy of your own life. What is important for you in life? Are there rules you live by or maybe no rules at all? Learn about different cultures, it will make it easier for you to talk to many types of people. Try new things, explore your curiosity, and be open-minded.

In general, each person has charisma in their own way, because there are practically endless ways of its existence. There is an element common to all, but there is also something unique. You just need to learn how to express yourself in a clear and specific way.

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