5 Things You Need to Know About Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are on the top jewelry trends, and many fashion brands have incorporated pearls into their looks. Read on for 5 things you need to know about pearl jewelry and making them a part of both your casual and formal wardrobes.

1. There are other types of pearls than the most affordable and most known pearls, the Akoya whites that we know from seeing in our grandmother’s jewelry box and on prominent women throughout history. Akoya pearls also come in other overtones, like a black pearl bracelet as a statement piece for those days you’re feeling like the odd sheep out. Freshwater pearls are also beautiful pieces that are often seen beside the Akoyas. From the freshwater mussel, they are sometimes smaller and hold deeper colors. And finally, every fashion-forward woman deserves a set of Tahitian black pearls from the Black-Lipped oysters of the south sea.

2. Don’t hide them away for a special occasion. Wear them often to keep their luster. The oils from your skin are what keeps your pearls hydrated. Remember, it’s your natural oils, not the other lotions and perfumes that many women use. The good idea is to refrain from the heavy products if it’s going to be a pearl day. Make putting on your pearls the last task of your morning routine - after you’ve used your hair spray and your hands are clean.

3. Follow the rule of only wearing one piece of pearl jewelry if you’re trying to remain on the casual side. If you’re wearing a pearl necklace with jeans and a blouse, try something other than pearl earrings. Reach for some dark-colored floral buds instead. They’ll still make you feel and look feminine without making it seem like you’re trying to look like a Desperate Housewife of the Suburbs. There’s no reason why you have to stick to just a simple, short string of white pearls - try wearing long strands of pearls that reach to your cleavage will make you feel sexy and stylish.

4. Let history repeat itself when it comes to pearls. Feel free to ask the experienced pearl wearers in your family how they wore their jewelry when they were young. Your grandmother is from a time when women like Audrey   Hepburn and  Marilyn Monroe were the trend-setters. Fashion from the early eras will always remain, to some degree, in the style of today.
5. Don’t forget about your hands! Cute pearl earrings or a string of black pearls on your wrist are fantastic ways to include pearls into your workday. And, if you feel that you might be adding an even extra unique ring to your hand soon, don’t feel shy to point out your love for pearls and how unique  (and affordable) pearl jewelry can be.
Now that you know a bit more about pearls take a look at our jewelry collection and let us know your favorite pieces!

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