How To Take Proper Care of Your Gemstone Jewelry

We are all made of energy; everything that exists is made of energy. Gemstones are exquisite in that they have the remarkable ability to absorb this energy, sometimes as healing or detoxing method. It’s why so many wellness experts swear by them in their work. For the majority of people though, we wear them on our bodies for comfort or beauty.

Because of the special abilities that each gemstone has, you must take care in how you cleanse them. They may seem like strong, durable rocks, but they actually can be very sensitive to the world around them. Each one is completely different in how they react to light, heat, skin, and cleaning products.

First things first, you need to know your stone. They’re not just pretty rocks, they're all precious in how they need to be cared for. Here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes time to give your gemstones love and care.

Translucent Stones

A simple rule for translucent stones such as amethyst and citrine (some of the least expensive and widely known stones) is that you can usually keep them clean by sanitizing them in water with a tiny bit of mild soap. You can also use a soft toothbrush for and particularly dirty stones.


Organic Gems

Amber and coral are two organic gems, made from fossilized trees and marine animals. They need a little extra care to keep them from breaking down. Stick to a damp cloth only, especially with coral, and keep away from heat. Be sure to refrain from too much chemical cleaning, especially of ivory as it can quickly dull its luster.



Corundums (rubies and sapphires) are one of the toughest stones, therefore they can withstand more professional chemical cleaners and keep their strength. Like a diamond, they are some of the most expensive stones to buy. They are often oiled before selling, to keep their shine. At home methods of care can sometimes remove that oil. If you have some of these precious stones in your collection, be sure to have them regularly cared for.



Deserving a section of care all on their own, turquoise is one gem that requires extra special attention in order for them to keep their color vibrant and reduce the chances of greening. Clean with a soft, damp cloth and be sure to dry the stone immediately - do not let them air dry.


We know there are many more gemstones that deserve our love. Sometimes these stones have been passed down from grandmothers and great-aunts and have been witness to many adventures but also a lack of proper care. You can usually bring mistreated and abandoned stones back to their original brilliance with a little extra TLC.

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